Five ways to include remote workers in your team

Thanking your staff for their hard work is at the heart of workplace morale and productivity, and there are countless ways to celebrate staff achievements and simply say “thank you” to your team. Some offices have a “treat Friday,” others may have a team lunch to celebrate a closed deal. There are staff members who arrive in the morning to find a Post-It stuck on their desk with a message like, “you handled that situation really well yesterday – well done.” These are all ways that business owners can thank their staff for their hard work and make them feel part of the team.

Unfortunately, these ideas really only work if you have office staff. Thanking your remote workers and making them feel included is definitely more of a challenge. Fortunately, the challenge can be overcome and most business owners find it well worth the effort.

Why is it important to support off-site workers?

A good remote worker – whether it’s your virtual PA, your freelance graphic designer or the person who provides your training – is a great asset. Even without coming into the office every day, they have got to know you, your business and how you like to work. If you have to replace them, your new remote worker will have to build up that knowledge from scratch – a much slower process for someone who works off-site.

It’s vitally important to make your remote workers feel as valued as your on-site team members. You don’t want to lose them and their expertise, so we’ve put together five ideas you can use to boost their morale and include them in your team.

Five ideas for including your remote workers

Invite them to your celebrations. Christmas meals, office parties and end-of-project lunches are all great opportunities to see your remote workers in person and further your relationship with them.

Invite them to your training events. Whether it’s a basic training for your core business or a team away day, invite your remote workers along. As well as making them feel included, it will also ensure that every team member works in the same way.

Include them in your charity work. If you’re doing a sponsored run or having a MacMillan coffee morning, invite your remote workers to take part.

Say “thank you.” If your remote worker has gone above and beyond, there’s nothing to stop you popping a card in the post to say thank you. Even an email can be very effective. If you separate your thanks from the other workaday noise, it will make your remote worker feel just as valued as the office staff you can thank in person.

Add them to any staff social media groups you have. These are often good forums for chatting about work and also finding out more about each other. It’s partly thanks to the internet that anyone works remotely at all – it’s great to use it to bring us all closer together too.

Including remote workers and making them feel valued is important both for them and for your business. Take five minutes now to email one of your off-site staff and thank them for some great work they’ve done this week. Don’t forget to invite them to the Christmas party!

‘Work smart’, not ‘work hard.’

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