Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date – how to do it and why it matters

With LinkedIn founded way back in 2002, it is quite possible that many profiles are out of date. If you suspect your profile has had the same information on it since you created it, or if you haven’t updated it in a while, make reviewing your LinkedIn profile one of your priorities for this week, ready to start afresh in 2018.

Why is a LinkedIn profile important?

All business owners should have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile page. Your LinkedIn profile is where you can market yourself, showcasing the skills and experience that make people want to do business with you.

Countless connections are waiting to be made, and it’s important not to miss a potential lead by having unprofessional, out of date or inaccurate information on your profile. Follow our checklist and make sure that your LinkedIn profile is primed to make the right connections for you.

Profile picture

Potential connections are much more likely to click on your profile if you have a photo of yourself and not just the LinkedIn silhouette. Ideally, the photo should be a professional, smiling headshot – it should be recent and people should be able to recognise you from it. If your profile picture is a “fun” selfie or you simply haven’t got one, it’s time to upload a professional photo to your LinkedIn profile.


Check your “summary” section – is it still relevant? If you still use the one you wrote when you first joined LinkedIn, it might be a bit basic – many LinkedIn users are now using the summary to tell their story, not just list what they do. This is your chance to make the summary more chatty and readable, and make sure that you still offer all the knowledge and experience you say you do.

Work experience

As you’d expect, LinkedIn work experience is listed in reverse order, with your current role at the top. Check that this is the job you’re doing now, and if not, correct your profile. You can include roles from different sectors as they show the depth of experience and transferable skills, student jobs and stop-gaps can be safely ignored.

Skills and endorsements

This is another area where you may wish to delete information as well as add it. It’s easy to build up a huge list of skills, but it’s important to remember to delete any that aren’t relevant to what you’re offering now. This way, you avoid connecting with the wrong people, as well as making your skills list easier for viewers to navigate.

Equally importantly, add the skills that you’ve gained since you last updated your LinkedIn profile – it will help your profile appear in more of the right searches.

Spelling and grammar

Lastly, a quick spellcheck never went amiss. The editing pages will highlight any mistakes, so put them right immediately! It’s not worth losing a connection for the sake of typo.

Keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date will help you connect with the right people to grow your business, so try and make time to check and update yours this week. If that’s impossible, the PA Pod can help. 

‘Work smart’, not ‘work hard.’

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