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Not enough hours in the day? The PA Pod can help your business grow

Looking for administrative support on an ongoing basis?
Have a one-off project coming up you need support on?

The PA Pod believe in flexibility for all businesses. As a business owner, The PA Pod understands the struggle of getting everything done as efficiently (and as cost-effectively) as possible, which is why we have 3 clear ways of working with businesses and virtual assistant rates to suit all budgets. Every business needs a virtual assistant who is both reliable and flexible to fit even the most demanding of requirements. Whether it be on adhoc, project or retained basis, we can offer help to all.

Initial One-Hour Consultation


By The Hour

Providing accurate timesheets, rounding up to the nearest 15 minutes. Flexibility at its finest.

By The Project

A possible temporary need your business may have. Ideal for businesses on a budget who require help on special projects for only two to three weeks at a time. Cyclical work may only need support once a month, quarter or year.

Monthly Plan

For businesses who want to commit. A pre-paid, fixed amount of hours per month, to use when needed. Any unused hours can be rolled over to the following month and used within 60 days. Any additional hours are charged at the agreed hourly rate.

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