How to work efficiently with a Virtual Assistant

In the long- term a Virtual Assistant (VA) will make your life easier, the start of the working relationship may be one of the busiest times in your business. Your assistant will have to learn everything about your business and the tasks to be completed. The answers to their questions will need to be answered by you. This is especially true if you have a unique product or service. Here are some tips to make the transition easier.

Company Overview
Your Virtual Assistant (VA) is an extension of your business, providing them with as much history, nature of the business and background information at the start will give them a holistic overview so that they can represent your business as you do. They probably will have done their research, however explaining what drives your business will help them to be as passionate about as you. You know your company inside and out, they don’t, providing them with as much information at the start sets the scene for a great relationship long-term.

There are many ways in which to communicate with your VA, the key is to agree your communication method before you get started. You will want to have a system that works best for you and then set that expectation with your VA. Skype, Google Docs and Dropbox all are free and great tools to use. Also, know when you are going to communicate with them and what the expectation of response time should be.

Make the best use of their time
You probably have an idea of what you would like to have your VA do for you on a regular basis, but have you written it all down? It is important that you invest some time before making the hire to have an idea of all of the tasks you would like them to do, this way they will constantly be working and not have to wait for the next task. This list will forever grow; the key is to have enough for them once they get started.

Make them a team member
If you have a wider team, introduce them to your VA. It’s important to ensure that your VA feels like they’re an invaluable part of the company’s culture. You will get someone who will not only do a great job but will feel committed to you and your company. As your VA is a remote worker once they get to know your team members, they can turn to them for questions rather than you, saving you more time.

Be specific
In time your VA will learn your working style, which will enable you to give them more responsibility and for them to take the initiative. The more specific you are at the beginning, the easier it will be for you and your Virtual Assistant in the future.

Access to your systems
Your VA isn’t a mind reader, provide them with logins, access and introduction to systems, knowing where to find passwords or having access to tools avoids confusion and delay in the long run.

Trust them
A Virtual Assistant has experience. Trust them to get on with the job, so you can get on with building your business.

‘Work smart’, not ‘work hard.’

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